{the simpler the better}

Life: A never ending cycle of happiness, sorrow, bliss, misery, and love.  Whether you like it to or not...it keeps moving.  You get caught in a whirl wind of craziness, bombarded with challenge after challenge.  Then...the sun rises.  Yesterday is the past.  Today is the present, literally.  It hasn't been easy, but I am trying to view each day as a gift, embracing what it has to offer me.  As for today, my gift was church.  Feeling the spirit and feasting on the gospel has a way of putting a smile on my face.  Why you may ask?  It's simple.  Church is simple.  The gospel is simple.  Having a testimony is simple.  It's either true or it isn't.  It's simple, it's true.  

My second gift of the day was my family.  I love them.  My dad's extremely entertaining attempts to train a dog, mom's new passion for hide and scare, Court's love for all things cooking, and Kody's obsession with his "workers" are gifts to me.  Without them I wouldn't be who I am, each of their sometimes silly and crazy ways, is a part of me.  Family is simple, family is good :)

The simpler life, is the better.  Live each day as if it is a gift.  Obsess over simple things.  Live simply.

Simple Obsession of the Day:  Lillies, my favorite flower.
Ooodles of Love, 


2010 goes out with a bang...2011 is in with a...what rhymes with bang?

It's January.  When did I start my blog?  November.  How many posts do I have?  2, 3 now.  So I think it's about time I do some updating.

December was incredible!  I don't recall a holiday season quite like this one....participating in service activities, decorating, shopping, even traveling to NEW YORK, Wishbox, getting my cute puppy Pepper, and spending New Years weekend at a pretty legit cabin with dear friends.  I'm pretty sure there is not nearly enough space on my blog to go through everything I did, but I will review the highlights.

First, the spirit of Christmas and giving/serving others is by far the best part of the holiday season.  I absolutely LOVE giving gifts, especially when they reflect the true meaning of Christmas.  This year that was my goal.  Although, I did give my brother his first snuggie (it's camo and totally him) and my sister a pillow pet...Anyway, for example, one gift I put together included 12 stories, one for each day leading up to Christmas, that reflected a meaningful aspect of the holiday and of course told the story of the Savior's birth.  Never before has literature touched me quite like this.  It provided a much needed change in perspective.

On the 14th us girls and some friends were able to travel back East to experience Christmas in New York.  I have never seen anything like it!  Buildings everywhere you look, technology, shopping, food, insane amounts of people, and of course honking cars...I LOVED it!  We had five days to live it up and I think we succeeded.  Due to laziness I will just list the activities:  Empire State Building, Elf on Broadway, front row tickets to the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, riding the subway, Wicked, shopping.... :), double decker bus tour of Christmas lights, Chinatown/knock-off purse buying experience, Top of the Rock, Mamma Mia, ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, and Catholic Mass.  So much fun!  I definitely recommend Christmas in New York at least once in your lifetime :)

The rest of December was pretty chill.  My family got a cute puppy...he's a British Lab named Pepper.  He's mellow and likes to lick my toes....I guess he's pretty cool :)  But...I'm allergic to him, so I can only enjoy his company in moderation.  New Year's weekend was insane, but so much fun!  It was spent in a cabin near Heber City...many memories were made and friendships were strengthened.

2011 has been a great year thus far, I look forward to what it has in store for me!

Ooodles of love,