My first blog.  What do you write about in a first blog?  Should I ramble about my newness to blogging?  For fear of overdoing it I will keep it simple.
Over the long weekend I read one of the best books I have read in awhile.  It's titled Promise Me and was written by Richard Paul Evens.  It would be absolutely horrible of me to give anything away, but it made me appreciate the simple things in life.  As I am writing this post by the warm glow of the fireplace snuggled up with my snuggie, I am grateful for simplicity.  The holiday season, my brother's pirate imitation, and the gentle snowflakes that I wish were falling right now bring my focus back to the little things.  Those in need of a good book, refer to the one listed above ^ and may you cherish simplicity.

Oodles of love,