According to Chelsea

I want so badly to blog and blog and blog and blog so much that this turns into one of those adorable Pinterest worthy blogs, but let's be honest for a minute.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to cook lean cuisine, my arts and crafts skills do not extend beyond looking at Pinterest, my fashion choices are somewhat educated but mostly random, and if I can teach myself how to roll my hair in curlers then the rest of the world shouldn't have a problem.  So that puts me in a constant struggle of what to blog....until now.  *drum roll*  Life according to me.  Yep.  Now all of you readers out there that just let out a long exasperated sigh thinking that I would turn into one of those girls that blogs about her life like it's superior to everyone else's or the doom and gloom drag everyone down with me opposite, you're wrong.  Really this is nothing new.  I'll comment on anything and everything with a semi-sarcastic tone like I usually do...but since I haven't blogged in 8 months, I felt the need to reiterate that before I attempt to be a blogger for the 23rd time.  If you want to read and laugh at my bad jokes and ridiculous analogies, I'd LOVE to have you.  If not...well...I'll catch you on the flip side, see ya later, but probably not invite you to my wedding.