Cliche of the Day: Out with the old...in with the NEW

2011 was a good, solid year.  There were memories made that make me wish I had instant replay, and then there were those that made me want to curl up in the fetal position.  But what’s life without give and take, a little opposition?  The good and bad times alike define who we are as individuals.  How we respond to success and tribulation colors our character.  That being said, I’m proud of who I am becoming.  I’m not perfect, I have a long ways to go, but I’m learning.  So here are ten of the most impactful happenings, in no particular order, from my 2011 that have contributed to the person I see when I look in the mirror:
  1. Finishing my term as Student Body President:  Very few experiences compare to my time as an SBO.  It was one of the hardest, most frustrating times of my life but also one of the most rewarding.  I got to meet so many new people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and develop friendships with truly incredible people.  If given the chance I would do it all over in a heartbeat.  However, until time travel is invented, I’m stuck in the present.  Moving on...
  2. Turning 18:  In reality this isn’t all that significant.  Benefits: Signing legal documents and ordering whatever I want off of infomercials and HSN.  Not quite considered benefits: Additional responsibility and the potential for gray hair and wrinkles.  Joke.  
  3. Completing AP English:  There is one woman to whom I give all credit for my love of writing.  Her name is Mrs. Morrison.  She believed in me, plain and simple.  Because of her class I decided on a major and learned the skills necessary to make it through my first semester of college.
  4. Graduating:  One of those moments that has to be on every list like this because it separates your childhood from your entrance into adulthood.  
  5. Senior Trip to Lake Powell:  People are awesome and I have great friends.  
  6. My Mom’s Heart Attack:  I refuse to go into details, but this was the lowest point of my life for me.  Not knowing if someone you love will be there when you wake up is terrifying.  Cherish those you love.
  7. Moving Out:  Extremely bittersweet.  Living on my own (aka living with 5 other girls) for four months has been great, but it’s hard to be away from home.  It’s all about adaptation and adjusting to what lies in front of you.
  8. BYU:  There is honestly no school I’d rather go to.  The atmosphere can’t be beat and the education is top notch.  Sure there are some weird people and crazy ideas about dating, but I love it.  All of it.  It’s not for everyone, but I’m proud to say I’m True Blue, Cougar through and through.
  9. Running:  Over the summer I ran my first half marathon.  You heard me, 13.1 miles.  I hated every second.  Then...something changed.  I kept on keeping on where running was concerned and I grew to love it!  It’s extremely therapeutic and beneficial healthwise.  Bring on half marathon number two, t-minus 19 days!
  10. People:  Everyone makes mistakes, everybody has those days...oh shoot, there I go quoting Miley Cyrus again.  Whoops!  Anyway...people are people and people aren’t perfect.  I relied too heavily this year on people being exactly the way I thought they should be.  I can only control my own actions and how I respond and react to other people.  There is definitely room for improvement here.
There you have it!  My very vague, generalized summary of 2011.  It may not provide a very interesting read for you, but it was certainly enjoyable reminiscing exercise for me.  So here’s to learning from the past and jumping into a new year.  2012...you’re mine :)
Yours truly,