I can feel it!  I can feel it!  I heard it said once that during the winter we hibernate....after pondering this thought, it is so true!  All winter we stay indoors, drinking loads of high calorie hot chocolate, watching Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy re runs because we are too lazy to do something productive with our lives.  But...it's warming up (kinda) and the sun is out!
This past week I caught spring fever.  I found myself cleaning, organizing, going to bed early, getting homework done before 12...I feel like a new woman and it makes me sooo happy!  Moving past the dreary bleh tones of winter into the vibrant brilliance of spring is rejuvenating and empowering.  And this is only the beginning...I'm so excited for all that this spring has to offer me, General Conference, deciding on a college, SBO elections, Sterling Scholar competition, and graduation!  There is so much potential for greatness, I can't wait to dive in head first.  
Best wishes to any who may actually read this, set a new goal for spring, and get out there and accomplish it!

With love,